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Having fun...

The Directgov site

Course title "How to use directgov to tax the car etc....."
Course level Logo Getting started Logo Having fun Logo Problems?
What you'll learn? Want to tax your car online, check on benefits, get health advice etc. etc.?
  • About Directgov  - the "government website for citizens"
  • Finding information on the website
  • Watch a video to see what's there
  • A look at the main areas:
    1. Education & learning
    2. Motoring
    3. Tax & benefits
    4. Employment
    5. Travel & transport
    6. Health & well being
    7. Government, citizens & rights
Who is it for? Anyone interested in taxing their car online, checking official information etc.
How long does it last? 1-2 sessions  (1 hour each)
Times & dates arranged by demand
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