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Using eBay & Amazon

Course title "How to use eBay & Amazon" *
Course level Logo Having fun  Logo Problems?
What you'll learn? Interested in buying or selling online?  Try this introductory course.
  • Know how online auction sites work
  • Searching for items on eBay & Amazon
  • Setting up a PayPal account
  • How to bid for something
  • How to sell an item on eBay & Amazon
  • Some of the problems & how to avoid them
Who is it for? New users of eBay and other auction sites.
Those who want to bid for or sell items on eBay.
Anyone just interested in what it's all about.
You will need to understand the basics of using a mouse/keyboard & feel comfortable with websites.
How long does it last? 3 sessions  (1 hour each)
Times & dates arranged by demand
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* Includes a chat with experienced users who can answer your questions about online bidding & selling.