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Troubleshooting Windows

Course title "Troubleshooting Windows problems"
Course level Logo Problems?
What you'll learn? Want to have a go at sorting out common Windows' problems? 
  • How Windows works - an outline
  • The most common errors you'll see
  • Safety procedures - don't make it worse
  • Solving the easier problems
  • Try the more complicated tasks
  • Restoring your own copy of Windows - practice with ours.
  • Areas best left to the experts

Other related courses : "Recovering from common errors"

Who is it for? An introduction for those with experience who would like to try to solve Windows' problems.
N.B. Only the topics that you fully understand should be attempted, preferably with support!
How long does it last? 2-3 sessions  (1 hour each)
Times & dates arranged by demand
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