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Training Resources: Ubuntu users  Ubuntu logo

Below are links to PDF files of the documents in your Welcome Pack.
You'll also find copies of the plans for each of the Free Training Sessions.  Click on the headings to open the documents.
If you're unable to view them you need to download and install Acrobat Reader - ask for help at the first training session.

First Steps with Ubuntu
The basics about starting and shutting down the Ubuntu computer plus how to open "Firefox" and view The Internet - including images of the screens.

Bookmark Your Favourite Websites
When you find a website you like e.g. BBC iPlayer make it easy to find next time by bookmarking it in Firefox.

Training for New Users
An outline of the 4 Introductory Training Sessions for users of Knowle West Web plus examples of the follow up sessions each just 2/session

The first Introductory Training Sessions are called "Gateway Sessions". 
Take a look at the various activities for each session. 
Why not write down questions or problems before you come to the session.

Ubuntu Gateway Session 1 "Getting to Grips With Ubuntu"
Ubuntu Gateway Session 2 "Emailing with Google + resources from & courses on
Ubuntu Gateway Session 3 "Using OpenOffice Writer & sharing experiences with others"
Ubuntu Gateway Session 4 "Backing up data, adding a printer to Ubuntu and tips about 'online safety'"

Knowle West Web User Guide
An introduction written by Knowle West Media Centre

Knowle West Web User Guide - Definitions & Information
Some basic terms explained plus information from Knowle West Media Centre

Welcome to the Knowle West Web
Your questions about the Knowle West Web answered plus contact details for problems or queries.

Setting up your Ubuntu computer
Pictures of where the cables go just in case you move the computer. 
Ask at a training session if you'd like to have a go at connecting up the leads.

  Using OpenOffice Writer
These PDF files are similar to the documents used for Session 3.
You can use them to refresh you memory or read the first one to get ready. 
They really need to be explained but if you're feeling confident you're welcome to have a go - just print them out first print them out first.
Using OpenOffice Writer
Read through this document to get used to the 'Writer' screen - it covers all the features you'll use in the exercise.
Ubuntu Open Office Writer training
This is roughly how your document should end up looking - use as a comparison.
Ubuntu Initial Training INSTRUCTIONS
Here's finished work in grey with step by step instructions of the changes required below.

      To avoid lots of typing you can download an unformatted version.
First save a copy of the document below:

  1. RIGHT clicking on the brown link below, a small menu will appear

Ubuntu OpenOffice Writer training CONTENTS

  1. LEFT click to select "Save link as......"  
  2. Save it to Documents so that you know where to find it
When you are ready to start work go to the file and double click it - it will open in OpenOffice Writer.