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BBC Resources

The BBC provide a range of computer training to anyone. 
Find the options on their WebWise section - .
Below are links with a brief explanation - just click on the blue title. 
There are also PDF files to download and print. 
Ask at a KWonline training session for help with resources from the BBC.

     BBC Computer tutor     The original basic introduction to computers.

A set of videos with lots of practice showing you how to use the mouse, keyboard and the screens you would see in Windows.  The basic facts also apply to Ubuntu.  Great for first time users and to brush up skills.

     BBC RAW Computers     A NEW set of programs and activities.

These videos cover using both the computer & The Internet.  There are extra games to play to practice skills.  It works well as a follow up for new users who've completed the Computer Tutor above. 
If you have some experience of using computers you might like to start here or use them to think of questions for the next KWonline training session.

  Links to videos on Raw

  PDFs of contents BBC

Computer basics Computer basics (text & images)
The mouse
    Game: Clicky mouse
The mouse (text & images)
The keyboard
   Game: Keyboard shooting gallery
The keyboard (text & images)
Icons & windows Icons & windows (text & images)
Music & photos
   Game: India challenge
Music & photos (text & images)
Printing Printing (text & images)
Internet basics Internet basics (text & images)
Your internet browser
   Game: Tom Andrews' fansite
Internet browser (text & images)
Searching the internet
   Game: Internet search
Search the internet (text & images)
Registering on websites
   Game: Password high striker
Register on websites (text & images)
Shopping online
   Game: Shop 'til you drop
Shopping online (text & images)
Using email
   Game: Email with Dick & Harry
Using email (text & images)

     BBC RAW Homepage

This is the homepage for BBC Raw - it's aimed at people who "didn't do well at school" or just missed out on learning. 
Click here to listen to Phil Tufnell explain what's available.  It's at the first stages so keep checking back.
If you press the [Skip] button at the right you'll go straight to "the carousel".  New items will be added all the time but for now you can pick from "Numbers",  "Money", "Words or story writing" and "Computers" - see above.  "Mini Phil" gives advice about accessibility.
For example, under the "Money" section are general videos, quizzes and practical help if you're in a crisis plus information ideas for the following:

BBC Video Guides - use Text only versions for weaker connections

"A guide to online sharing" with Julia Bradbury:
Confused about uploading photos, podcasts & social networking? 
Click here for more details or just view  Flash video         Text only

"A guide to watching TV online" with Huw Edwards:
Want to know what 'peer to peer' means and how BBC iPlayer works? 
Click here for more details or just view  Flash video         Text only
"A guide to getting online" with Kate Humble:
Don't understand 'broadband', 'internet providers' or 'WiFi'?
     Click here for more details or just view  Flash video        Text only

     BBC Ask Bruce

Ask Bruce is an excellent resource for finding clear information. 
Just type a word into the search box at the top or pick from one of the common topics including:
  • Browsing the Web
  • Message Boards
  • Chat rooms
  • Broadband
  • Scans
  • Searching
  • Security & Viruses

Click on the title of one of the results to see the full details.  You can also print the article in full.
e.g. I typed "virus" into the search box and picked "How do I protect myself from viruses on line" from the results. Click here to see what I found.

     BBC WebWise Course   -   more details here

WebWise is a series of 10 units for beginners about computers & The Internet.
Each unit has 2 or 3 parts, you can either watch an animation or just read the words.  There is also a challenge & "Weakest Link" game at each stage so you can text your knowledge.
Make sure you complete Unit 1 "Welcome" but then either follow the course or pick and choose from the rest.