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Gerry's Guides*

These guides written as reminders during normal sessions.  Notes were added by hand to stress points so some details may be lacking. 
To view or print* click on the title.  If the new page fails to open download a copy of Acrobat Reader.  Find the BBC's help on installing Acrobat Reader here.


General guides

  Print screen shots of problems- show Gerry/KWW Computers Ltd. Gerry
  Show the programs on your PC to Gerry, or KWW Computers Ltd. Gerry

Tip: It helps if you can take a mobile phone video of problems


Defragment the hard disc and speed up your PC

  Clean up Internet temporary files Gerry
  Add a webpage to your favourites in Internet Explorer Gerry
  Write files/folders to a CD using Windows Gerry
  Set 'Magentic©' for desktop images & screensavers Gerry
  Adding images & text boxes to Word Gerry
  Help to stop children coming across porn or adult content ©BBC*
  Security issues - information from BBC & Virgin Media ©BBC*
  Download images from your digital camera using a card reader Gerry
  Digital photography guide from BBC BiteSize revision site ©BBC*
  Taking Good Pictures - Britain In Pictures from BBC ©BBC*
  Digital photography guides available from ©Virginmedia*
  Online hotel reservations, photos & guest reviews on Gerry
  Moving your iTunes music library Gerry
  Getting music from your CDs on to the PC Mark
  Writing a CV checklist & resources with screen shots of Ipoint Gerry
  Making your CV match the advert ©BBC*
  Websites for Improving your Memory Gerry
  Make your mouse pointer easier to find Gerry

Some resources available from Google

  Download the Google Toolbar with pop-up blocker Gerry
  Using the Google toolbar Gerry
  Add gadgets to your Google 'side bar' Gerry
  Google Mail - how to set up a free email account Gerry
  Google Mail - how to send an email Gerry
  Google Mail - to reply to an email Gerry
  Google Mail - Forwarding a message Gerry
  Google Mail - How to attach a file or image etc. Gerry
  Google Mail - How to download/print an attachment Gerry
  Using Google-talk to talk to other PC users for free ©Google*
  The basics of using Google to search for information ©Google*
  Use Google's advanced search features ©Google*
  Using the Google route finder  Gerry
  Install & set up the Google Screen Saver Gerry
  Print you pictures using Picasa from Google Gerry

See a video about Picasa (great, free program) on our news page - drop in for ideas.

Just a few things available through
  Work out your carbon emissions - Gerry
  Pay your car tax online - Gerry
  Apply for a refund on your car tax - ©*
  Stop unwanted phone sales calls - Gerry
  Keeping healthy (e.g. over 50's) - Gerry

For help with reading or hearing text read from your PC go to the BBC*
Below are a few extracts; for help ask Gerry.

  Making the text larger in Windows XP ©BBC*
  Magnifying the screen in Windows XP ©BBC*
  Making the text larger in Internet Explorer 7 ©BBC*
  Making the text larger in Microsoft Word ©BBC*
  Making your mouse pointer larger in Windows XP ©BBC*
  Adding trails to your mouse pointer in Windows XP ©BBC*
  Finding your mouse pointer in Windows XP ©BBC*
  Changing colours in Internet Explorer 7 ©BBC*
  Changing colours in Windows XP ©BBC*
  Natural Reader information – how to use the free version of this excellent screen reader Gerry
  Fire Fox - making the text larger permanently Gerry

* You are free to use any materials produced by Gerry but please take care where other sources have been quoted.  Use them for yourself & friends but don’t distribute them.
The contents of some of these documents comes from websites such as, & etc.

They may not be reproduced for sale or used without permission from the author