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BBC WebWise

The BBC is an excellent resource for all new computer users.
Computer tutor is great for first time users.  BBC RAW is a new section for those new to computers & The Internet find more details on this page.
The other units are part of the WebWise course - try these once you've started.

Computer Tutor - ideal for absolute beginners

How to use a keyboard and a mouse, open and close windows etc.

Unit 1 Welcome - getting started

Unit 2 Connecting to the Internet                   

Unit 3 Using a web browser to look at websites       

Unit 4 Extra features of a web browser              

Unit 5 Filling in forms online                        

Unit 6 Searching the Internet                        

Unit 7 The basics of using email                      

Unit 8 More features of emails                        

Unit 9 Online safety for children and computers        

Unit 10 Online communities