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Email is easy to learn and probably the most useful Internet skill for both beginners and more advanced users.  If you can use a phone you will be sending emails in minutes.

Anybody can have a free email account, all you need is an Internet connection.
Even if you don't have the Internet call in to KWW Computers and use the Internet Access PCs.

Gerry will help you to set up a free email account and show you how to send and receive messages, send pictures and other files like letters as attachments.
You can practice with Gerry at KW online then carry on at home.
All your messages can be reached from any computer with an Internet connection - there's no need to do any more setting up.

Google© mail also has a facility like "messenger" called Google Chat© so that you can type messages to any of your contacts who are online and the option to put on a headset and talk to others using Google Talk©.  Ask for more details.

You can even read your emails on some mobiles phones.

Drop in or call 07941 435 262 to make an appointment with Gerry