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Find information

There is so much information on the Internet it can seem difficult to find exactly what you re looking for.

One way is to use a 'search engine' - these programs constantly update themselves on the available websites and try to match them to your query e.g. "hotels in Weymouth". There were over 200,000 results to that query (try it in Google) but he best search engines put things into at least some sort of ranking so that you have a chance.
There are simple ways to improve your chances of finding the site you need - that's why the most popular search engine Google has entered the Oxford dictionary.

An easy way to find pages you've seen before is to use the 'Favorites' feature of your web browser - this is also known as 'Bookmarking' by some sites and browsers. 
Excellent websites for information include:

I also keep the following in my 'Favorites' to check before shopping:

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