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Getting started

The "Getting started" courses are aimed at first time users.  So whether you've never touched a PC before, or just want to brush up on basic skills, this section is just what you're looking for.

Buying the right PC know what computer you need, rather than the one the shop would like you to buy
First time users how to use the PC, keyboard, mouse & screen
Getting online different ways to get the internet
Using websites find your way around popular websites
Health and safety with PCs how to set up your PC and work area to avoid any problems
Search engines e.g. Google use search engines to find the relevant websites
Keep in touch by email set up your own email address & learn to access it from any internet computer
Internet security for all keep yourself, your kids and the PC safe on the internet
Antivirus & antispyware find out what is meant by 'virus' and 'spyware' and how to protect yourself
Basic terms & jargon learn what the common terms mean, which of them are important and know what to look for
More jargon explained get a deeper understanding of the terms used in adverts - learn how to pick the right item
Text readers - a talking PC? try using text readers to hear the text from websites, emails etc. 'spoken' aloud
Organise work with folders learn how using folders sensibly will tidy the files, pictures etc. & make them easier to find