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Ubuntu:Training for new users  

If your computer was leant to you as part of the Knowle West Web program you may have Ubuntu rather than Windows as your operating system.
If you're feeling confused or frustrated these sessions will get you started. 
Find out just how easy it is to use Ubuntu and make the most of your PC.

Brief description

Session 1 Getting started with Ubuntu - downloading & installing software - using The Internet with FireFox, search engines, BBC iPlayer etc... 2
Session 2 Using email with Google mail & introduction to resources available in MyGuide & BBC 2
Session 3 Using OpenOffice Writer to write letters, a quick look at other OpenOffice features plus a chance to share problems and good ideas with others 2
Session 4 How to backup important data including "Dropbox", installing and using a printer and an introduction to online safety 2

Follow up sessions

To start making use of your computer why not try any of our courses.  Most of the examples below are from our "Having fun" section.  These are aimed at those who want to start enjoying their computer.  2/ session