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This new approach, courses that fit your interests rather than an organisation's,  developed from Gerry's experience of running a Centre for UK online and seeing the difference this freedom makes to both learning and enjoyment.

Gerry can provide a wide range of Internet experiences based on your interests and experience. 

Pick up a Course Request form at KWW Computers Ltd, or download a copy here and hand it in at the shop - see the contact us page for address.

ee Join us for more details & to download a request form.

There are three broad levels of courses as a guide but just pick your favourites.
Getting started courses Getting started: Mainly for new comers but helpful to many.
Having fun courses Having fun: Learn to make use of the computer - keyboard skills needed. 
Problems? courses Problems?: Find out how to solve basic problems & upgrade your PC.

Most courses run at KWW Computers Ltd - address, directions & maps here